Caska Cove

The area of ​​the Caska Bay is interesting for all archeology, history and historical phenomena enthusiasts.

Caska is located on the western part of the Pag Bay in the vicinity of Novalja. This small location rich in history once was the area of Cissa, a Roman town, which according to historians sunk below sea level in the 4th century after an earthquake.

Numerous studies have shown that it was a big and important city. Caska’s importance is confirmed by the fact that there was a luxurious villa of a well-known and wealthy senatorial family from Rome – Calpurnia.

But there is still not enough evidence to determine whether Caska was actually a Roman town or it had developed much earlier.

Caska Bay today has only a few houses left, but its seabed keeps a secret – a sunken city. A perfect place of divers who can find remains of buildings. Unfortunately, the biggest part of the sunken city is out of reach because of large deposits of silt, sand and seaweed.

Important historical landmarks of the location include the old „tunera“ – tuna tower and the remains of the Romanesque St. Georges Church on a hill above Caska with a large number of medieval and early Christian spoils.

More about the submerged city, research and archaeological findings can be found in the brochure which we provide below.