Adrenaline and Water Sports

Novalja offers its visitors a large amount of different sports and recreational facilities. Apart from the town stadium, there are numerous tennis courts, gyms, while almost all of Novalja beaches offer  contents for adrenaline or water sports.

Adrenaline lovers will be delighted by the rich offer of extreme sports such as wake boarding, bungee jumping, flyboarding,  parasailing, wind surfering or kite surfering and Quad.

Everyone who wants to experience the exhilaration of wake boarding should visit Zrće, where is located one of the best ski-lifts in Europe, with a 600 meters long cable reaching an average height of 10 meters, your fun is guaranteed.

On Zrće you’ll also find a 41 meters high bungee jumping crane, set-up only a few meters from the shore. Its box will rise you for an unforgettable jump any time of day or night, except when bora wind is blowing.

Flyboarding is rapidly gaining momentum as the most exciting new activity on the water! Strap on the Flyboard (a wakeboard on steroids!) and get ready to be jetting above the water — swim like a dolphin, fly like a bird. This is an extreme sport unlike any you have ever seen! Experience the thrill!

And to experience a special, aerial view of island, try parasailing, an unique combination of sailing, paragliding and parachuting.

Pag bay is a favorite among wind surfers and kite surfers because of the ideal combination of its winds, the slower mistral and the faster bora.

If you want to get to know Pag Novalja’s surroundings in an unique way, try renting a Quad (ATV – all terrain vehicle) and waging yourself into an off-road adventure on Pag’s barren terrain.

Apart from numerous speeding activities, such as jet-skibanana or tube ride . You’ll find many possibilities of motor boats renting in Novalja.

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