Livići 3
53291 Stara Novalja

Mob : +385 98 215 500, +385 98 802 2227
E-mail : rkamfora@gmail.com

Diving Club Amfora was founded in 2004. This club is a sports association based in Stara Novalja. It had over 120 members across Croatian and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary). The club organises non-commercial diving excursions for its members, lectures, exhibitions and forums as well as a Skipper Qualification Course in the past few years.

The club is particularly prominent when it comes to identification and protection of underwater archaeological heritage. The Club members discovered an amphora site dated to the 1st century BC in the Pag offshore. A protective cage was placed over the site and it is a first class tourist attraction for more than a thousand divers a year. The promotional CD and book about this site that was produced by the City Administration and Novalja Tourist Board won a prestigious “Blue Flower” reward from the Croatian National Tourist Board in 2004. For a significant development of the tourist offer.

The club members also discovered several significant archaeological sites: the remains of an 18th century ship with pottery cargo, a large Venetian ship anchor, a few destroyed amphora sites in different locations and so on.

For its special contribution in the promotion of diving tourism and historical and cultural underwater heritage protection, the Club won the  City annual award.

Ronilački klub Amfora 01
Ronilački klub Amfora 02
Ronilački klub Amfora 03

Blue Bay

Rupica 17
53291 Stara Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 027

Mobile: +385 91 8871 810


Blue Bay dive center is located on the shore of a scenic sand-covered bay of Croatia. The Island of Pag is easily accessible from most western-european countries, because, starting from the north, it’s the third island after Krk and Cres. Our dive center is situated in the middle of the 5 km long holiday village Stara Novalja, behind green hills, protected from the winds.

A bright sign shows the entrance of the dive center. A spacious parking spot connected to the dive center offers ample space for the cars of the divers inside our premises.

The dive center reception is open every day from 7 am until 7 pm, and awaits scuba divers in English, German, Croatian and Hungarian. Take a rest on our shady garden terrace between dives, enjoy a shower and some fresh water.

The mini-supermarket for buying your daily refreshments, fruits or sandwiches is only 100 meters away. For a full meal, our divers can visit the Árka Restaurant, next to our dive center. For those travelling with a computer, the dive center offers free internet access for every diver on the spot.

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Ronilački klub Blue Bay 02
Ronilački klub Blue Bay 03
Ronilački klub Blue Bay 04
Ronilački klub Blue Bay 05

„Kaštelan“ dry marina and boat crane

Kaštel 169
53291 Stara Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 167

Mobile: +385 91 252 5510

Krunoslav Peranić- Car mechanic

53291 Stara Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 061

„Mistral“ grocery store

53291 Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 190

Novalja Rent – rent-a-scooter

Braće Radića 74
Obala Petra Krešimira
53291 Novalja

Mob: +385 99 689 3295
E- mail: info@novaljarent.com

Novalja Rent, craft for renting scooters, does business on two locations in Novalja. We rent Piaggio scooters, model Typhoone 50 cm3 (electric), made in  2013. All scooters are regularly serviced, technically valid and insured.

Make a reservation online and your scooter will be waiting for you in front of your apartment.

• Scooters 50 cm3 – for two persons
• ​Piaggio Typhoone 50 cm3 – electric ignition, low fuel consumption 2,5 l/100km
• Made in 2013
• Driver insurance, co-driver insurance, basic vehicle insurance
• Helmets for the driver and co-driver

Business location:

• Novalja 1 – Braće Radića 74
• Novalja 2 – Obala Petra Krešimira (in front of the club COCOMO)

Scooter rental 01
Scooter rental 02
Scooter rental 03
Scooter rental 04
Scooter rental 05

Nautica Šestan j.d.o.o.

Kneza Branimira 15
53291 Novalja

Tel/ Fax: +385 53 661 386
Mob: +385 98 549 057
E-mail: nauticasestan@yahoo.com


We provide repair and maintenance services for all types of inboard and outboard motors. We are an authorised service centre for motors of the following brands: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Evinrude, Volvo Penta. We also provide boat repair and maintenance services (painting, antifouling, polishing, patching, etc.). We keep your boats safe during the winter months in our secure and upkept storage area.

Boat servicing 01
Boat servicing 02

Ocean Pro

Drljanda 12
53291 Stara Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 340
Mobile: +385 91 1501 207
E- mail: oceanprocz@gmail.com
Web: www.oceanprotest.8u.cz

Whether you’re an experienced diver ready to take your diving to the next level with advanced courses, a certified diver looking to explore walls, caves, wrecks or amphorae, a first-timer interested in discovering the underwater world or even if you have never been in the water before, we’ve got something for you and we’ll make your underwater experience one to remember.

Ever since we opened over 20 years ago, safety and satisfaction of our clients has been our top priority.

Paintball Novalja

53291 Novalja

Web: www.paintballnovalja.com

Paintball is a safe sport when it’s played by the rules, and since the players don’t have physical contact, the risk of possible injuries is very small.

Start playing this exciting and dynamic game, wake up your instincts and eliminate your opponents by hitting them with paintballs on the fields along the beautiful sand beach Caska.

Book your appointment over the phone  +385 99 403 5566
or by purchasing arrangements in:

• Travel agency Santurist
• Travel agency Novalja Travel

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Paintball Novalja 02
Paintball Novalja 03
Paintball Novalja 04
Paintball Novalja 05

Peranić servis d.o.o.- property management and maintenance

Mul 14, Stara Novalja
Dalmatinska 12A, Novalja
53291 Stara Novalja

Phone: +385 53 651 016

Mobile: +385 91 974 7301

Semi-Submarine Novalja

Šetalište hrvatskih mornara
53291 Novalja

Mobitel: +385 99 195 4092


Unique experience of pleasant and safe tour drive under the sea surface. Trought the 5m² windows explore the amazing sea world. SemiSubmarine doesn`t dive so don`t be afraid to enjoy.You can walk on the deck anytime. Choose day or night tour and experience something you never did!

Daily tour  – 45 min
Night tour – 30 min

Semi-Submarine Novalja 01
Semi-Submarine Novalja 02
Semi-Submarine Novalja 03
Semi-Submarine Novalja 04
Semi-Submarine Novalja 05

Surf & Sail center Straško

Kecerin Sport
Campsite Straško
Zeleni put 7
53291 Novalja

Web: kecerin.hr
E-mail: igor.kecerin@gmail.com
Phone: +385 91 463 7539

Whether you are a child or unfortunately an adult, but have skipped some steps in your growing up… don´t allow to be missed by sailing, windsurfing, cat sailing, SUP, kayak, snorkeling, sport climbing, water skiing, or the unforgettable parachute jump… You don`t need to do it all at once, take it one by one.

Visit us on the beach by the north end of Camp Strasko, and we will do our best so that you spend some quality time with us. Gain or enhance your new experience and most importantly pick up a diploma and some pictures to show off. Make your „bucket list“ a little bit emptier.


Climbing center Straško

Kecerin Sport
Campsite Straško
Zeleni put 7
53291 Novalja

Web: kecerin.hr
E-mail: igor.kecerin@gmail.com
Phone: +385 91 463 7539

Sport climbing becomes increasingly popular form of sport, fun and testing your abilities. You can do „bouldering“ at lower heights with no protective equipment with just a mat or „ lead climbing“ at higher heights by securing yourself with a rope and rest of the gear. We climb both on artificial and natural rocks.

You need to try number one, two and three and learn the basic theory of sport climbing, the basics of using safety equipment and the basics of using your body corectly to overcome the hardest climbs.

And last but not the least number four… Climbing the natural rock Stogaj with higher doses of adrenaline and beautiful view of island Pag and its bays.


Cycling Island Pag

Primorska 79, Novalja

Web: www.cyclingislandpag.com

E- mail: ostreanovalja@gmail.com

Tel: +385 (0)53 662 205

Mob: +385 (0)91 1662 599

Rent Service Camp Straško

Kamp Straško, Zeleni put 7, Novalja

Web: www.strasko.com

E- mail: 123sport.service@gmail.com

Mob: +385 (0)91 2005 137


Villa Novak

Zaglavarski put 24, Novalja

Mob: +385 (0)98 322 558


Tourist agency Sunturist

S.S. Kranjčevića 1, Novalja

Web: www.sunturist.com

E-mail: info@sunturist.com

Tel: +385 (0)53 661 211