Sea kayaking – Podvelebit Channel

It is a special experience to kayak in the shadow of the magnificent Velebit mountain range and the fascinating remains of the ancient Byzantine fortress of Svetojanj, which has proudly withstood the ravages of time for hundreds of years. If you have decided to explore Novalja by kayak, after the moon-like setting of Pag Bay, we will take you on a kayak ride down the Podvelebit Channel!

The tour will kick off at the Drljanda ferry dock in the picturesque village of Stara Novalja. Kayaking along the coast we will leave behind us the friendly cove of Stara Novalja and venture into a completely different landscape. The rocks here were formed by the whipping winds of bora, which come down from the slopes of Velebit to the coast, causing it to proudly boast its jagged salty cliffs. We will pass next to the rocky beach of Jadra and kayak in the direction of the small island of Triget, a favourite spot for divers, as well as curious dolphins. We will continue to Koromačina Beach with its green grassland and low vegetation in stark contrast to the surrounding white rocky terrain.

Our tour will then lead us to the bays of Veli Svetojanj and Mali Svetojanj at the ends of a peninsula whose top boasts an ancient Byzantine fortress of Svetojanj dating back to the 6th century. This mysterious site bears witness to the historical significance of the island of Pag and awakens the adventurous spirit in anyone who beholds it. After a short rest, we will continue on our way towards the secluded beach of Lusk and then to the beach of Vojska, known for its small fresh water source located on the beach itself. This ends our tour and we head back to the starting point.

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