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Under the branches of centuries-old olive trees, at the very northwest of the island, there lies Lun. Nature has left its marks generously in this area in a unique combination of green and blue. If you want to find the peace and quiet you lost somewhere in the urban bustle, this is the ideal place for your next vacation. The mild Mediterranean climate and comfortable silence of the Lun olive trees will rejuvenate your strength. In this silence, it seems that time really has stopped.

The nearby villages of JakišnicaDudićiVarsan, Potočnica and Tovarnele, situated along the picturesque coves, are also a great choice for a pleasurable vacation. Look for rooms and apartments in private homes or opt for the modern La Luna Island Hotel and its welcoming staff.

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Avio prelet Jakiτnica
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In a stone nest in the eastern part of the island lies Metajna. Written documents show that the first tourists visited Metajna in 1928. Follow in their footsteps and discover the beauty of this area. Nature has left an infinite mark here with its unique combination of wind, sea and stone. On hot summer days, look for refreshments at the local beaches, the most prominent of which is the Ručica beach, which can be reached though the picturesque area called Kanjon (the Canyon). During the season, fishing events filled with the smell of freshly prepared fish, wine and singing are regularly organized in Metajna.

The nearby villages – Zubovići, Kustići and Vidalići – seem as though they are rising from the stones and offer a pleasant holiday. You can get rooms and apartments in private homes with welcoming hosts.

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Old Novalja

North of Novalja, in a warm bay set deeply inland, lies Old Novalja. At the southeast end of the bay lies the Planjka (Trinćel) beach, one of the most beautiful and best-kept beaches, where you can have fun and cool off during the hot summer days. You can find the cool of evening while taking a long walk down the promenade.

There are several diving clubs in Old Novalja and we say that divers open and close the season here. You can find rooms and apartments in private homes with welcoming hosts.

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Gajac is a tourist/residential village 2,5 km south of Novalja. Outside the summer season, there are less than 100 permanent residents here, but during the summer it turns into a real town of about 10,000 people. Along the coast is the long, sandy beach of Braničevica that faces the open sea. Aside from cooling off in the sea, we offer good facilities close to the beach and more in the town centre. If you like the crowds, Gajac is the place to go. Bus lines connect Gajac and Novalja all year round.

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