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If you are considering a vacation in Novalja, or if you are already planning your trip, we would be honoured to be the first to welcome you via our new website. Following introduction of a new visual identity, we have taken a step further in developing the Novalja tourist destination with the slogan – YOUR FIRST CHOICE!

If you have already stayed in Novalja or are one of our regular guests, we will refresh your memory and reward your loyalty with a host of new information, so that you will know what is happening in Novalja at all times, whether you are already here or have yet to plan your trip.

As a fan of this wonderful place, you will know that Novalja stands out due to the beauty and uniqueness of its beaches, its unspoilt landscapes, its entertainment and nightlife, the quality of its cultural and historical sites, the multitude of facilities for sports and recreation…

Join us, for our distinguished hospitality and a memorable holiday are awaiting you!

The Tourist Board of the Town of Novalja
Marina Šćiran Rizner, director

General Information

Drinking Water

Tap water is safe to drink in all parts of Croatia!

Electric Voltage

The electric power supply is 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.


The official currency in Croatia is the Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipas). Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels and camping grounds. Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners) are accepted in almost all hotels, restaurants, shops and ATMs.

Public Holidays


1 January− New Year’s Day
6 January− Epiphany
21 April− Easter
22 April− Easter Monday
1 May− International Workers’ Day
9 June− Duhovi
20 June− Corpus Christi
22 June− Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
25 June− Statehood Day
5 August− Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
15 August− Assumption of Mary
8 October– Independence Day
1 November− All Saints’ Day
25-26 December – Christmas Day

Medical Offices

There are hospitals and clinics in all larger cities, while first aid clinics and pharmacies can be found in small towns as well.

Foreign tourists who are covered by health insurance in countries with which Croatia has signed a Social Security Agreement do not pay for emergency medical care during a private stay in the Republic of Croatia if they have a contract providing confirmation of their right to health care. Health care (including transport) is used for emergency cases in the manner and according to the regulations valid for Croatian citizens covered by social security, with identical participation in health care costs.

Persons coming from countries with which there is no health care contract or agreement bear all the costs themselves, so it is advisable to opt for travel insurance with a private insurance company.

For more information, please contact the Croatian Health Insurance Fund: +385 1 4806 333

Town Map

Town Map Novalja

Useful Information

Croatia area code: +385
Novalja area code: (0)53
Novalja post code: 53291

Trg Brišćić 1, 53 291 NOVALJA
tel. +385/(0)53 661 404

fax +385/(0)53 663 238
E-mail: info@visitnovalja.hr

Trg dr. F. Tuđmana 1
tel. 661 350, fax 662 364

TEL: 195
pozivi iz inozemstva ili s mobitela: +385 1 195

Ul. braće Radić 9, tel. 675 860

Zeleni put b.b., tel. 661 200

Novalja Health Centre
Špital 1

dr. Smiljana Čemeljić Šuljić
Novalja Health Centre
Špital 1
tel. 662 604

dr. Mirjana Fumić
Novalja Health Centre
Špital 1
tel. 741 194

dr. Neven Škunca
UL. kralja Tomislava 13
tel. 661 400
Ul. V. Novaka 17
tel. 661 797

Špital 3
tel. 662 505

Ul. Kralja Tomislava 3
tel. 661 301

Dalmatinska 16
tel. 663 230

Obala Kneza Domagoja 1
tel. 694 646

ERSTE BANKA, Ul. braće Radić 2, tel. 062/37 63 99, 37 67 70
PRIVREDNA BANKA, Trg bazilike b.b., tel. 553 100
ATM Trg Loža 1 (hotel Loža)

HIPERNOVALIS, Špital b.b.,
camping Straško,
supermarket KONZUM, Slatinska 1

Ul. braće Radić b.b.,
HIPERNOVALIS, Špital b.b.,
GAJAC, A-8 (Veliki trg)

Šetalište hrvatskih mornara b.b.,
Slatinska 36
kamp/camping STRAŠKO

Obala Kneza Domagoja 1

RUBIKON, Ul. braće Radić 2, tel. 662 662, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 5
A.T.D. agencija/agency, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 4, tel. 663 677
FINA – Financijska agencija, Trg Loža 1, tel. 661 351
NOVALJA TRAVEL d.o.o., tourist agency, Vukovarska 18, tel. 663 371
NOVALJA TURIST d.o.o., tourist agency, Slatinska 55, tel. 661-859, Ul. Braće Radića 18, tel. 891-0266

INA, Špital b.b., tel. 091/49 71 318
INA – za plovila/for boats, Obala kneza Domagoja 2, tel. 091/49 71 317
TIFON, tel. 091/46 41 370 – autoplin također/gas for car, too

Željko Badurina-Dudić, Vodovodna 18, tel. 662 061
Tomislav Karavanić, Špital b.b., tel. 662 408
Željko Peranić, Slatinska 25, tel. 661 489
Krunoslav Peranić, Stara Novalja, tel. 651 061

Slobodan Trcol, Novalja, tel. 099/505 73 99

RENT A CAR NOVALJA, tel. 092/278 20 88,
tel. 092/269 15 83, 092/163 44 77
tel. 091/92 19 004, 098/297 771, www.am-rentacar.hr


KUNEŠTRA, Istarska 18, Novalja,

Tel. 099/366-20-88

e-mail: kunestra@gmail.com

Primorska b.b., tel. 661 892

HOTEL LOŽA, Trg Loža 1
GAUDINJO, Ul. braće Radić b.b.
LA PALOMA, Trg bazilike 1
NEWS CAFE, Trg Loža b.b.
NOVALJA TURIST, Slatinska 55
PLAC, Trg bazilike b.b.
RED ALERT, Vukovarska 18
KALYPSO, plaža/beach Zrće

Hotel BOŠKINAC, Novaljsko polje b.b., tel. 663 500


Ul. kralja Zvonimira 27
tel. 661 160

Škopaljska 12
tel. 661 100

Are you concerned about the weather?

The island of Pag is one of the sunniest in the Adriatic Sea with more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year and relatively low precipitation. In the summer it is cooled by the mistral and south winds, while during the winter the island is washed by the powerful bora from the mainland, from below the Velebit Mountain. That’s why the average annual temperatures are somewhat lower than other Croatian islands at about 15 °C.

The mild Mediterranean climate brings hot dry summers and mild wet winters. The lowest recorded temperature in January was -2 °C, while the average is about 5 °C. In August, the average temperature is around 25 °C. The sea temperature in the winter is 12 °C, while in the summer it reaches 25 °C. The mild climate allows a pleasant stay on the island throughout the year.

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