There are only a few places on the Adriatic surrounded by as many beautiful natural beaches as Novalja. Whether you go north or south, you’ll soon reach one of these magnificent beaches, which will provide perfect comfort and relaxation. The beaches are wide, sand and shingle, with clear water and excellent access to the sea, which in turn makes them particularly suitable for families with children. They are located 1-3 km from Novalja, forming a ring around it. All the beaches can be reached by car and have parking areas.

The Babe Beach

This beach lies in a shallow cove west of Novalja. This is the shallowest and warmest of all Novalja beaches, with fine sand and a narrow coastal strip. In recent years the beach has been enriched by restaurants and recreational facilities.

A section of the beach is pet friendly!


The Braničevica Beach

Located next to Strasko, this beach is very long, while in its hinterland is a residential area called Gajac. It has a good gastronomic offer and some recreational facilities. All other facilities are located a few dozen meters away from the beach, within the residential area.

A section of the beach is pet friendly!


The Caska Beach

This is located east of Novalja, on the site of the former Roman city which, according to legend, was destroyed by an earthquake in the 4th century and whose remains can still be found in close proximity to the beach and the sea bottom. Access to the sea is mostly sandy. The sea bed is very steep, which makes the beach deep. There are restaurants and recreational facilities on the beach.

Plaža Caska 05

The Jadra Beach

The beach is located near the Old Novalja and in some areas is covered with fine stones offering gradual access to the sea, while in others it is rocky and you directly enter the deep waters.

A section of the beach is pet friendly!


The Lokunje Beach

This is the Novalja town beach, located along the southern edge of the Novalja Bay. It’s pebbly, shallow and warm, with a large green belt, which makes it pleasant for vacationing and cooling off during the hot summer days.


The Planjka Beach (Trinćel)

The beach is located north of Novalja, along the southeast coast of the Novalja Bay. It is covered with fine sand, it is warm, shallow and well-kept. It has restaurants and various recreational facilities. Due to its excellent maintenance and facilities, the beach has had a blue flag since the summer of 2004. In one of the events thrown by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Blue Flower Media, the beach won two awards – for best kept and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast. This beach is great for families with children.


The Zrće Beach

The Zrće Beach is located southeast of Novalja and tells a special story. It’s the most beautiful beach in Novalja. Its coastal area has a shingle surface and during the peak season several thousand people can fit on it. The beach by the sea is pebbly and the sea is very deep due to the steep descent off the coast. Numerous sports, recreation and entertainment facilities and high quality restaurants can be found on the beach, while a few attractive night clubs offer entertainment throughout the night. In one of the events thrown by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Blue Flower Media, the Zrće Beach won first place as the tidiest and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic. With its outstanding natural characteristics, equipment and amenities, the Zrće Beach meets the strict criteria of the European Foundation for Education and Care for the Environment and as of the summer 2003, it has had the blue flag status. The beach is located about 2 km from Novalja, has a large parking area and during the tourist season it is linked by public transport.

Plaža Zrće 01

The Straško Beach

The Straško Beach and Camp is located south of the centre in a wide bay area. It is about 1.5 km long and after a short rocky beach area that leads into the sea, one reaches a sandy bottom. One of the largest and most beautiful camps on the Adriatic is located along this beach with its clothed areas, restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities, various workshops, playgrounds, etc. The entire area is covered by a pine and oak forest, which gives it a special charm. Since the summer of 2004 the beach has had a blue flag.

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Mata Beach

The quiet bay of Mata near Luna has hidden beaches and coves surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The beaches are covered in places with fine stone and in some parts they are paved or stone.

The Ručica Beach

This beach is located 1 km from Metajna and it can be reached by boat or by car. The beach is a combination of shingle and sand, without a natural shade and with a few catering facilities. The beach can be reached on foot through the picturesque area called the Canyon.

Plaža Ručica (2)-min
Ručica (2)
Plaža Ručica

Beriknica (Beritnica) Beach

Beriknica is a beautiful pebble beach situated in the vicinity of Ručica beach, to the south of Metajna village. It offers no natural shade or amenities, and its distinguishing feature are three rocks lined up in the shallows. It can be reached by sea or by a 20-minute walk through the fascinating lunar landscape of the Canyon. Often named one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, this quiet cove is perfect for restoring your life energy.


Plat Beach

PLAT BEACH is located 1 km south of the Zubovići village. This beautiful sandy beach is 150 meters long and 10 meters wide, making it ideal for families with children. The beach offers catering establishments, sports equipment (paddle boats, canoes), beach chairs and parasols. Its moonlike appearance, crystal blue sea and amenities make Plat beach unique, and it will surely turn your summer vacation into a real summer adventure! Thanks to its exquisite, untouched beauty and photogenic appearance Plat beach is often the focus of camera lenses in film and fashion stories!

Since 2016, a 50-meter long part of the beach has been reserved for beach goers with dogs.

The beach, which is accessible via a paved asphalt road, has 60 parking spaces.


Veli Žal Beach

The Veli Žal beach in Zubovići is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of the island of Pag. This easily accessible, 300-metre long, quiet beach with amenities is a favourite for many tourists and visitors of the charming and picturesque settlement Zubovići. There are not many places that have such a beautiful and large beach where everyone can find their place in the sun. Its appearance changes from rocks to fine sand, which gradually turn into small stones, then pebbles ending with a pier, a favourite meeting place for young people. Most of Veli Žal has no natural shade and the sun shines here in the summer until late in the afternoon. The Velebit mountain range, the barren land of the island of Pag, the blue sea of​ the Pag Bay and the highest point of the island, Sv. Vid, form an unforgettable backdrop, and the magical sunsets delight visitors time and time again.

Plaža Veli Žal (2)
Plaža Veli Žal (3)