Quality accommodation, Mediterranean climate and excellent connections to the mainland are favorable conditions for athletes and for the revival of sport tourism in order to encourage the extension of the tourist season.


Sports and Recreation

Sports and recreation facilities are located on most of the local beaches. Beach volleyball is a particularly popular activity by the sea. During the year, especially during the summer, various competitions and tournaments are organized, some of which have become traditional. On saint patron’s  Day of Novalja, 13 June, we organize the St. Anton’s Cup, an angling and spearfishing competition that also includesbowling and indoor football.

Sport and recreation are becoming increasingly popular in our tourist offer thanks to the development of sports facilities and sports and recreational activities in the city. To make your holiday more interesting and eventful, take part in sports competitions or train your favorite sport in the countryside or in one of our sports venues.


Sports facilities

Among the many sports venues and facilities in Novalja is a football stadium, a multifunctional sports hall, a hotel with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, etc.

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