Novalja Field Hiking Trail

Novalja Field Hiking Trail

Church of St. Anthony – Novalja Field – Church of St. Anthony

The Novalja Field is a natural green oasis that stands out from the rocky moonlike landscape that is typical for the northern part of the island at the foot of Mount Velebit. It boasts diverse vegetation, eye-catching Mediterranean scenery and an abundant fauna due to its fertile soil. Although the trail is elementary, it does feature a few somewhat demanding climbs and descents, which makes it suitable for families and the elderly.

The trail begins and ends at the Church of St. Anthony in the natural environment of Novalja Field’s green oases, olive trees and oleanders. By following the bike or trail signage and after a slight ascent, the trail will lead us to the first checkpoint – the Boškinac Hotel which was awarded a Michelin star in 2020. After a brief and moderately difficult climb, we will reach an elevation, where the state-of-the-art Jarebica Hunting Lodge is located and an unparalleled view of the Novalja Field below unfurls before you. The scenic view and the Novalja Field in plain view are hotspots of this one-of-a-kind trail on Pag Island. After a gentle descent, the trail will take us into the heart of the Novalja Field along the route’s natural coastal landscape, peculiar “singles“ and broad macadam paths. We will pass through a quiet area amid the plentiful flora and fauna of the Novalja Field. Should your eyes wander around the surrounding, you might see a startled scurrying rabbit, a preying fox, a turtle lounging on the grassland or a grass lizard soaking up the sun.

The trail will then lead us to the asphalt main road of the Novalja Field at whose edges you can detect small ponds that sometimes flood the road during heavy rain. The aforementioned road will take us back to the starting point at the Church of St. Anthony. The idyllic environment is complemented by a reed-covered pond and a small rest stop with benches, tables and a fresh water spring. The shade provided by the tall treetops makes this the perfect place for relaxing, recharging and creating reminiscences of the Novalja Field!

Location: Novalja Field
Trail number: 52
Route: Church of St. Anthony – Novalja Field – Church of St. Anthony

Length (km): 4.9; Elevation gain (m): 120; Highest point (m): 84; Lowest point (m): 3; Asphalt: 1.8 km (37%); Macadam/earth: 3.1 km (63%); Surface difficulty: Easy; Fitness level: Easy.