Rock Climbing

Lovers of rock climbing can climb the steep parts of the peak of Sv. Vid and the rocks above the Ručica beach in the north-west part of Pag Bay (at Zamak and Stogaj near Metajna). Special climbing markers are placed at these sites.

In some parts of the island, the cliffs are too steep, practically vertical and with unusual shapes due to exposure to storms. If you decide on a climbing adventure, you will surely enjoy the view!


A millennium’s worth of exposure to the thrashing bora wind and rain has led to the formation of the fascinating rocky landscape within the mysterious canyon near the fishing village of Metajna. Here the oddly and distinctively shaped pallid rocks clash with the deep blue open sea. The exotic scenery attracts countless outdoor enthusiasts wishing to explore the mystical paths of the Life on Mars trail. And now we present you with a new challenge – the conquest of the Stogaj natural climbing rock!

Stogaj is a vertical natural climbing rock that towers over Beriknica beach and whose peculiar shape stirs the observers’ adrenaline. As early as in the 1990s, Stogaj caught the eye of a handful of rock climbers who set up bolts there, but time spares no one, including this proud beauty. This prompted the upgrade of two climbing routes in the south-east portion of the rock in late 2021: “Stigma” (5b & 5a difficulty levels), with a total length of 60 m, and “La Vida Loca” (5b, 5c & 5a difficulty levels), which is 60 m long as well. Apart from the route, the 25 m-long “Halfmoon” section of the first route has also been improved.

Climbing as you take in the scent of the sea and salt and listen to the murmur of the waves is an experience unlike any other, but the true reward comes after reaching the summit! Upon ascending the rock tower, bold “height-seekers” will come across the 20 m-long Via Ferrata, whence a stunning view of the entire Pag Bay and Velebit unfurls before your very eyes.

Whether a novice or a seasoned climber, be mindful of the special sport climbing markings and conquer the spot where Earth is nearest to Mars!

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Foto: Hrvoje Jurić