Sea kayaking – Pag Bay

Explore the moon-like setting of Pag Bay from a slightly different perspective and be amazed by the contrast between the sea blues and the rocky whites.

The activity starts at Ručica Beach, located near the seaside fishing village of Metajna, a place where nature has set its lasting imprint through the forces of the wind, rock and the sea. Kayaking along the coast, we will arrive at Cape Sušac and Sušac Beach, where we will recover our much-needed energy by taking a short rest and swim. We will continue our tour by kayak to the opposite side of Pag Bay, past the islets of Veli Maškalić and Mali Maškalić, and with each stroke we will get closer and closer to the unique pebble beach of Veli Zaton, offering a spectacular view of Velebit and Paška Vrata.

By kayaking down Pag Bay, we will reach the hidden cave of Gače, which only the most skilful kayakers can pass through. Our route will then lead us to a cluster of small hidden coves and natural beaches, with Slana and Malin standing out with their exceptional beauty. Our last stop is scheduled at the captivating beach of Beriknica, regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Pag.

Its three recognisable rocks sitting in the sea and the Stogaj climbing rock adorn the magical canyon of Metajna. Now will be the right time to take a short break to truly experience one of the most beautiful summertime twilights. After a short rest, we will head back to Ručica Beach and finish our kayaking adventure around Pag Bay!

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