Tradition of Taste

Today, Mediterranean cuisine is generally regarded as one of the healthiest in the world due to the type and quality of the food and the ways they are prepared. The cuisine of Novalja, which is part of this Mediterranean cuisine, will provide a true gastronomic experience.

When you visit Novalja, you should not miss visiting one of the many restaurants that we have. From the menus of these tastefully decorated restaurants, we first and foremost recommend one of the famous local specialties such as cheese, lamb, needle macaroni or curd strudel. You’ll also feel the full magic of the Mediterranean cuisine if you opt for seafood.

Among the various fish and seafood dishes, we recommend the refreshing fish soup, the Novalja brodit (fish stew), various kinds of salad, risotto and the boiled or grilled fish.

If you encounter the traditional local desserts – hrostules and frits – try them. Their special flavours have ensured that they keep their place amidst the influx of various modern sweets and they remain one of the trademarks of Novalja cuisine. A glass of local wine to finish will make for a complete delight.

After you’ve tried the best that the Novalja cuisine has to offer, take some homemade foods back with you and prepare a true Novalja dinner for your friends and share your unique dining experience!

This is why we’ve prepared two simple recipes for you so you can remember the taste and smell of our authentic cuisine for a long time!

Tasty Products of Novalja

The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds continues the implementation of the project related to visual marking of island products with the CIP (Croatian Island Product), cro. HOP, label initiated in the beginning of 2007 to encourage island producers to produce original and quality products. The main objective is to identify and distribute quality island products which will be recognised as such both in Croatia and abroad. These products result from island tradition, research and development, innovation and invention with a quantifi able level of quality. They come from restricted island localities and are produced in small batches. The HOP (CIP) label can be given only to those products which fulfil the criteria for excellence, authenticity and tradition.

Novalja has three manufacturers and fifteen products with HOP (CIP) label.

Besides HOP products, part of Tasty products of Novalja  are Boškinac wines. The fundamental mission of Boškinac winery is the conservation of the indigenous grape variety Gegić, which represents the best and most unique feature of our island. Authenticity, excellence and tradition of the Boškinac winery and its products are already known in the world of gastronomy and oenology.