Novalja – Eternal beauty on the island of Pag Croatia (short version)

Beautiful shots filmed in the Novalja municipality on the island of Pag, Croatia.

I waited for clouds to fall apart
Hoping to see her
Emerge with the light
Like the mighty Sun breaking the darkness

Her sky spreads wide
Above the restless sea

And there she was
Standing tall
Showing me this piece of Heaven

Divine yet generous
Shares with me
The precious secrets of life
In every vibrant color of her world

Humble yet breathtaking
She offers me rich fruits
Of her eternal beauty

She nourishes the life
With grace and care

So powerful yet delicate
So mysterious yet inviting

Empress of the sea
Empress of the sky

All of my endless journeys
Lead me back to her
Dreamy yet full of life

She made me travel through the night
Beyond fantasy
Beyond dream

I picture myself
On a misty lonely beach

And then I saw her again
By the shore
Playing with the waves
Under the perfect sky

In her heart I found
Rich legacy and ancient truth

Beauty is written in every letter of her name
Whispered by the wind …

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Director: Ivan Perić
Assistant Directors: Antea Ratković, Dragan Kovačević
Producer and Shooting Coordinator: Marko Kapitanović
Idea: Ivan Perić
Lyrics: Antea Ratković
Actress: Josipa Baliban
Camera: Ivan Perić, Marko Kapitanović
Costumes and Styling: Antea Ratković
Editing and Postproduction: Dragan Kovačević, Antea Ratković
Animations and Special Effects: Ivica Đapić
Additional Timelapses: Novena d.o.o.

Film production: Dream Division

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Prekrasni kadrovi snimljeni su u općini Novalja na otoku Pagu.

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