Konoba No5

Obala Petra Krešimira IV. 7

Tel: +385 (0)53 662 226


Tavern No5 is a wonderful restaurant which is located in the center of Novalja, near the main square Loža. With its richly landscaped rustic decor, will not leave indifferent neither one guest who confide us. Family and pleasant atmosphere ensures every guest pleasant company, to the waiters and the owners. Such an atmosphere conducive to further the sounds of traditional music that still can be heard at the tavern No5.

Besides the atmosphere and appearance, tavern will delight you with its variety of dishes and drinks. We offer specialties of the house such as fish platter, baked octopus, homemade cakes curd and many others. In particular, we are proud at the choice of pizza baked in a large wood-fired oven which gives it a particularly rich flavor, and appearance.

Tavern No5 really will pleasantly surprise you with its appearance that exudes tradition and pleasant sounds of music. Also, the meals that we offer guaranteed will satisfy the tastes of every guest.

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