Did You Know?

Did you know that during the 1st century BC an ancient aqueduct was built, where builders dug a tunnel through raw rock? The tunnel is passable even today in its entirety and represents a true tourist attraction and cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Did you know that there were 16,500 sheep on the island of Pag in 1950 and as many as 30,000 according to data from 2007?

Did you know that 5.5 to 7 litres of milk are needed for the production of 1 kg of Pag cheese?

Did you know that every year, on the first weekend in July, there is a sheep and cheese fair where we assess the quality of these products?

Did you know that the olive forests that cover the Lun peninsula represent a unique botanical treasure of the Mediterranean?

Did you know that mountaineering enthusiasts can climb the slopes of Stogaj while enjoying the beautiful panoramic views?

Did you know that on the island of Pag, you can still see salt production by evaporating small clay pools that are set into the coastal sea?

Did you know that the Pag drywalls, created by piling up rocks, are one of the most representative examples of indigenous architecture in their shapes, appearance and purpose?