The Zrće Beach

The Zrće Beach is located southeast of Novalja and tells a special story. It's the most beautiful beach in Novalja. Its coastal area has a shingle surface and during the peak season several thousand people can fit on it. The beach by the sea is pebbly and the sea is very deep due to the steep descent off the coast. Numerous sports, recreation and entertainment facilities and high quality restaurants can be found on the beach, while a few attractive night clubs offer entertainment throughout the night. In one of the events thrown by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Blue Flower Media, the Zrće Beach won first place as the tidiest and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic. With its outstanding natural characteristics, equipment and amenities, the Zrće Beach meets the strict criteria of the European Foundation for Education and Care for the Environment and as of the summer 2003, it has had the blue flag status. The beach is located about 2 km from Novalja, has a large parking area and during the tourist season it is linked by public transport.