Album "Novaljske koltre“

The "Novaljske koltre“ album is a specific souvenir – an ethnographic album featuring copyrighted photos of Novalja’s  crocheted bedspreads. A "Koltra" is a crocheted bedspread that has been manufactured in Novalja for the last hundred years by skilled women in Novalja. It is made for dowry and as a family heirloom. It is a symbol of value, skill and belonging.

Today, most of the families in Novalja own at least one koltra. They are carefully stored and kept safe, used only as bedding in special occasions and proudly hung from windows during town processions. This special object of traditional knowledge and skill was utilized to create a souvenir as well as a brand of Novalja.   

The album contains ten sheets. Nine of them feature an original photo interpretation of a koltra on their front, while the back contains photos of details and a short info text about the presented koltra (dimensions), it’s current owners, their history and the women who made it. The album also features an ethnographic text with the album authors field research results as well as the Impressum, photos of a few koltra swatches and the list of project sponsors. The album is bilingual in Croatian and English, it can be mounted on a wall, or a shelf, vertically or horizontally. 

Photos are the work of Damjan Denona, Darija Turina, Željko Senzel and Jana Dabo Vukomanović. Layout of the album was designed by Iva Denona Vusić of the  Denona printing office. The idea of the album was designed by its author Kristina Pavlović, ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, M.A.

The „Novaljske koltre“ album’s dimensions are 20x30 cm so it can fit in every bag or backpack as a perfect Novalja souvenir to take home. You can find your copy at the Court in the Dalmatian street, at the Stari Kaštel restaurant, City Museum, Nevia Gallery, City library and by contacting the author herself at  +385 (0)98 169 7968.

Price of the "Novaljske koltre" album is 95 kn.